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Boots and Buckles is an artistic undertaking started by award winning Photographer Kerri Singh of 2CreatePhotography back in 2012.  As the official photographer for the Stampede Talent Search Show, she was inspired by the diverse exhibition of the Western lifestyle or cowboy culture by everyday people around the city during this week long celebration.  The idea to capture that spirit from multiple perspectives was born.

Boots and Buckles, the spirit of which is to be interpreted in the broadest appreciation of the phrase, is an all-inclusive depiction of the underlying spirit of the cowgirl and cowboy, captured through the lens of an average spectator.

The intent of the project is to crowd source a medley of images painting the essence of the “Boots and Buckles” culture, that manifests itself during, but is not limited to, the week long Stampede celebration.

Since its inception the endeavour has gradually started to gain interest as more photographers, amateur and professional, have started to partake.
While the Stampede itself is based in Calgary, it’s reference merely serves the purpose of being a source of suggestion. Images are sought and are welcomed from all domains, including rodeos and similar events that occur across Canada, which celebrate that lifestyle.
Thank you.

Desired outcome

At this point in time, this project is in its infancy and exploratory stage. We hope to see it gain traction amongst the photo journalistic community and enthusiasts. As we grow, both in terms of members, participants and the repository of images, we will be able to articulate our long-term vision with more clarity.
For now, the images will be made available online.  Who knows what the future holds.. a series of coffee table books perhaps. All suggestions and ideas are very welcome.
 If you would like to participate as an administrative member please click here to apply. We don’t hold long dreary meetings and we leverage technology to make our collaborative process inclusive and manageable.  We may meet as a group in person over a glass of wine to share our collective vision, but most of our project related communication is conducted online. 

Hope to hear from you.

The Team at "Boots and Buckles"

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