Boots and Buckles Photos

What is Boots and Buckles?

As a professional photographer I have always been drawn to dabbling in Conceptual Photography, capturing images with a deliberate and specific outcome in mind…. like a painted portrait.  Boot and Buckles is one such exploration, a Conceptual Photography undertaking.

The concept for this project is, I suppose fairly evident.  Around the World , we share and celebrate a very prevalent and rich tradition of these two oldest fashion accessories. The goal for this online collaboration is to capture as many original, creative and inspired images portraying Boots and Buckles.  Keeping in mind that Boots and Buckles here being symbolic suggestions referring to footwear and waist accessories.

This project is also an experiment in crowd sourced online photo collaboration.
Single handedly,  I may not be able to do justice to the depth and the variety that exists for this concept.  Therefore I am inviting all photographers, Amateur and Professional to partake and share in this venture with me. I will take care of the technology, and the back end work required to receive photo submissions and catalogue and organize them as well as make them available for viewing on Boots and Buckles website and the Face Book page. You will be able to upload photos via email, file uploads, Instagram & Twitter.  I will make it very SIMPLE to participate and your photos will receive full credit of course.

The expected outcome of this project if all goes well, is a collection of Insightful images that capture the essence of the use of Boots and Buckles in our lives. A visual treat for us to relish.  Who knows how and where this project may end up as… a coffee book perhaps, or an exhibition. At the very least we will have fun doing what we enjoy most. Creating and sharing the art we create with the lens in our hands.

Interested ? Just send an email to [email protected] with the word "yes" in the subject (without the "" ofcourse). That is it !You will recieve an email with detailed instructions.

Looking foward to your images
Kerri Singh
Artist, Photographer Photography

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