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How to submit your Images.

Start by Signing up using the Sign up Link above.
You can submit images using email, upload by browser ( click on the link above ), Upload from our Facebook page, Via Instagram and Twitter.

Below are the instructions that you need to submit your Images. BEFORE you start submitting please take a minute to read the GUIDELINES and general information. Please note that the images will be viewed before they are available online. If your images do not show up on the site, it is likely that they may have been rejected because of guideline violation. The guidelines are pretty simple so do read them.

As the images will be displayed online (Website & Facebook) there is no need for High resolution images.Please make sure they are optimized for web use. Preferably under 1 MB each.

If you are concerned about copyright etc please insure you include your watermark and any information you need to embeded in the image.

We are making no claim or attempt to protect the unfair use of these images by any visitors to our website(s). All we are promising is that if this project evolves beyond just an online photo collaboration, we will insure that every submitter is afforded due credit and acknowledgement.

1. Email (Preferred Method)

Send an email with your photos as an attachment to [email protected]

Please ensure they are attachments and not embedded in the body of the email. This is especially important when sending from smart phones, as smart phones tend to imbed the image within the body. If you do not receive an email, confirming that we have received your email, there is a good chance that your images never made it to us.

Use the subject line as a caption for the photograph(s) and photo credit.

eg. Cowboys at Stampede by Kerri Singh

Use the body of the email for a description of the Photograph(s). If you have a website or a company that you would like to promote, you can do it here.

Please make sure that the total file sizes does not exceed 20 mb as some mail servers fail to deliver large emails. You can send more than one email to upload as many images as you desire.

2. File Upload 

To upload your images using a web browser

Click on the file upload button on top.

You can also access this by going to Facebook page Boots and Buckles and click on the SIGN UP button on the Banner logo. Once again only upload web optimized images under 1MB each.

You may use the form to upload as many images as you wish.

3. Instagram - Upload a photo to Instagram and use photo tag bnb2015

4. Twitter - Although not preferred, if this is the only way for your to share your images, then please do share and tweet your images with @bootsandbucks.

Due to technical limitations twitter images will only be displayed on our Facebook page.

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